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Meet The Franchise Owner Stephanie Lopushinsky

Stephanie Lopushinsky is the owner of Dominion Lending’s Mortgage Office Gotobrokers, Stephanie has been a member of the Mortgage Professional Association of Canada for over 20 years, and is regarded across Canada by her peers as one of the most experienced and trusted mortgage brokers. Stephanie brings lower mortgage rates and great service, as well as top-level access to her lenders.

Lenders appreciate her knowledgeable approach, and her ability to provide information regarding multiple income structures, etc. Stephanie is referred to as one of the “go-to people” for mortgage knowledge and resources, as she has extensive knowledge of cities and towns in Alberta, and a wealth of knowledge about industry policies and trends.

As a mortgage brokerage owner, Stephanie can offer additional incentives that one cannot acquire from mortgage brokers working for a team. When you choose to work with Stephanie, you are working directly with a mortgage broker, who has the ability to make different levels of decisions that will positively affect you.

Stephanie also has a real estate licence, and as such, is knowledgeable in all areas that affect mortgages. Having a real estate licence has expanded Stephanie’s network of top-qualified Realtors, to whom she is happy to refer, should you require a real estate professional to assist you.

GoToBrokers offers you an absolutely great mortgage experience!
Stephanie guarantees it!


Let's connect and discuss your mortgage needs.


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